Meet Megan


My name is Megan Welwood (she/her). I am a cisgender woman of English, Irish, Polish, Scottish and Finnish descent. I respectfully acknowledge that I am an uninvited settler living and working on the traditional Treaty 4 territory, the original lands of the Cree, Saulteaux, Dakota, Nakoda and Lakota, and the homeland of Métis Nation, known as Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I am committed to understanding the ongoing impacts of colonization and working towards decolonization both within and outside the counselling room.

An important value of mine is to be involved in a community of practitioners, working with a community of clients and I am delighted to do just that through Fellow Travellers Healing Collective! I seek to create a warm, grounding and collaborative space. I work from a humanistic lens, centered in a belief that each of us is insightful, resourceful and capable.

My Core Values:
Freedom (Autonomy), Joy, Equanimity, Relationships (self, others, community), Courage and Vitality.

My Path

Important life experiences have led me to be here now, as a fellow traveller and guide.

 Professionally, my journey started with the few years I worked as an Exercise Therapist in chronic disease management. It was in this time that I began to see the reciprocal relationship of mental and physical health and the importance of the mind-body connection.

In 2010, I pursued my interest in the mind by taking the pre-requisite courses for the Master of Counselling program. However, I am an experiential and “turtle speed” learner so I jumped at the opportunity to work within the field of mental health before applying to a Masters Program. I am now entering my 12th year working in the field of Mental Health.

Personally, mindfulness has been central in my life since I started practicing yoga in 2006, becoming an even bigger part of my life when I began formalized meditation in 2012. Presently, I have a regular meditation practice and a yoga practice that suits my needs and I have been involved in several silent meditation retreats over the past decade. 

 My professional and personal life experiences have led me to a belief that we all are on a quest to uncover meaning, reduce suffering, and experience joy throughout our life time. Throughout my own quest, I have learned that I must have a strong understanding of my own internal landscape to navigate the complex, dynamic and sometimes paradoxical ways of being human. As a guide, I will be privileged to be a part of a fellow traveller’s journey as they navigate the landscape of their life. 

Formal Education + Training

What I’ve Done

  • M.C, Master of Counselling, City University of Seattle – Edmonton, Canada
  • BSc., Exercise and Sport Studies, University of Saskatchewan
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Individual, Arizona Trauma Institute
  • Matrix  – Evidence-based treatment for those who struggle with substance use
  • Trans Inclusive Healthcare Series – University of Saskatchewan
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy – Level Two Intensive Training
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training – Bodhi Tree Regina
  • LivingWorks: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
  • Pain & Therapeutic Yoga Practices
  • Pain BC: The Pain Foundations Course Series

    What I’m Doing

    • Mindful Self Compassion – Currently on track to becoming a teacher of this practice
    • What’s on my current bookshelf: Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors – Janina Fisher, Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness – David A. Treleaven, He/She/They – Schuyler Bailar, Anxious -Joseph LeDoux,

      What I’d Love To Do

      • Sensory-Enhanced Yoga for Self-Regulation & Trauma Healing
      • Continue to build my trauma treatment repertoire to have 3-5 modes of offerings
      • Become a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional for Complex Trauma
      • Compassion Focussed Therapy
      • Train in Hakomi Therapy or Somatic Experiencing
      • Become a Canadian Certified Counsellor Supervisor (CCC-S)


        Personal Work

        I am committed to personal work. It has been essential to meet my own fallibility in this messy human life, and help me experience more joy, ease, gratitude and peace.

        This includes: engagement in personal therapy, meditation retreats, regular meditation and mindfulness practice, reading, journalling, movement in various forms, community connection and involvement through committee work, podcasts that promote self-reflection and ongoing learning. Right now my learning involves more right brain creative work through drawing abstract emotions and I am soon to learn a new instrument!

        Job Titles
        • Canadian Certified Counsellor #10007227
          Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
        • Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist for Individuals (CCTSI) 
        • Yoga Teacher

        What You Can Expect of Me:

        I am largely guided by ethical caring, such that I ensure there is choice and autonomy in the counselling process.  

        My approach to counselling is personalized and adaptive. If something doesn’t work for you, I assume the approach needs to change, not you!

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