Profound pain and suffering is an unavoidable part of being human.

Often times, this pain can be too much to bear. So, we numb out, disconnect, hide or repress.

While protective and perhaps relieving, this takes us away from the full spectrum of our aliveness.

We are here to support those who are seeking a path of embodied aliveness.

We are here to help you build capacity for your pain by guiding you to engage with and relate to your suffering, so that you can find greater healing and transformation.

We are so glad you found us.

Based on Treaty 4 territory out of Regina, Saskatchewan, our healing collective is made up of a community of guides who have come together to help you heal from trauma, wounding and conditioning, so that you can find your way back to your authentic expression of being alive on this planet.

As fellow travellers in this journey of life, we humbly walk alongside you. Before we are guides, we are humans, also trying to figure out this human thing.

We are deeply devoted to our own healing, authenticity and consciousness work. And we have made it our lives’ work to fine-tune our crafts so that we can guide others to do the same.

At the core of it all,
we are seekers, helping seekers. And we believe that we can only meet you as deeply as we’ve met ourselves. 

We address mental health through an integrative lens, and seek to bring awareness to psychological, emotional, physical, creative, spiritual, intellectual and social needs that facilitate growth, healing and wholeness. Our team is interested in helping you understand and heal the root cause of your suffering. 

Offerings for clients

We have created a unique menu of holistic offerings to support all ages with a variety of mental and emotional health challenges.

Offerings for guides

We offer services for guides on their own personal and professional path, including supervision, consultation and business coaching.

Join our team

Are you a healer looking for a place to call home? We are currently looking for folks who are aligned with our vision.


“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place”

– Paulo Coelho

The Space

In-person sessions take place in a warm + cozy collective healing space called The Heart Center in Regina, SK.

Did You Know...

Some of us facilitate groups, workshops + yoga classes for mental health over at This Human Thing (a passion project focused on collective healing ).

What's with the name?

Interested in why the practice is called “Fellow Travellers Healing Collective’?

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